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Auberge de la Rive de Charlevoix
Tables et Relais du Terroir - Certifiés

Our renowned 4 or 5 course meal dinner offers you a great variety of choices. A lunch menu is also available. You will appreciate our modest but well searched list of wines in which you will find a drink that will well accompanied your meal and make the pleasure last. Our dining room can welcome 100 people. Our meeting room for 20 people is also available to you. The inn gives you access to a wonderful terrace, you could enjoy your breakfast or lunch looking at the stunning view on the river!

BREAKFAST (Served between 8h00 and 10h00) À la Carte Package
The Salty Kind (All breakfasts are served with browned potatoes)    
Toasts, jam, coffee and juice 6,50$ Included
1 egg, toasts, coffee and juice 6,75$ Included
1 egg, meat, toasts, jam, coffee and juice 7,25$ Included
2 eggs, meat, toasts, jam, coffee and juice 7,75$ Included
The Sweet Kind    
1 Grandma’s fruit crepe, coffee and juice 8,50$ Included
2 Grandma’s fruit crepes, coffee and juice 11,25$ Included
French toasts, coffee and juice 8,50$ Included
The Healthy Kind    
Organic cereals served with fruits, rye bread toasts, coffee and juice 9,95$ Included
Poached eggs on an English muffin served with fruits, cottage cheese or yogurt, coffee and juice 11,95$ Included
Grandma’s fruit crepes 4,50$ Included
Grandma’s nature crepes 3,00$ Included
Local cheeses 2,50$ Included
French toast 3,00$ Included
Meat 1,75$ Included

DINNER MENU (with reservation) À la Carte TH (18$)
Garden salade $4,50 Included
The Chef’s favorite verrine $6,25 Included
Duck mousse verrine   $6,25 Included
Local terrine $6,50 Included
Charlevoix smoked sturgeon $6,50 Included
Charlevoix thaï smoked salmon skewer $8,50 + $2,50
Shore fava soup $4,25 Included
Soup of the moment $3,25 Included
From the sea (Served with vegetables from the garden)    
Duo of scallops and shrimps  with a unique tomato wine sauce $28,95 + $3,00
Plate of Saint-Irénée’s smelts $20,95 Included
Mountains and tides $25,95 Included
Papillote of salmon with Mornay sauce $21,95 Included
Countryside trout with fresh herbs $24,95 Included
De la terre (Served with vegetables from the garden    
Marinated rib steak Lyn $28,95 + $3,00
The unique Wellington beef of the inn $29,95 + $4,00
Plums pork medallion $24,95 Included
Pork tenderloin with a taste of coffee $24,95 Included
Blue Ribbon veal cutlet $26,95 Included
Light meals (Served with a mix of lettuce)    
Local sausages with onions on Ciabatta bread $12,95 Included
Seafood chowder served in a bread bowl $13,95 Included
A plate of Saint-Irénée’s smelts $12,95 Included
Candied chicken breast with light tomato taste $12,95 Included
Rose sauce fettuccine with flavour of duck $16,95 Included
The classic pesto& garlic linguine $12,95 Included
Geneva penne with tomato sauce (vegetarian) $12,95 Included
Arrabiata penne with chicken fillets $12,95 Included
Our pastry chef’s surprise $5,25 Included
Tea, coffee, infusion $2.00 Included
Espresso, Cappuccino $2,75 + $1,00
Latte $3,00$ + $2,00
Garlic bread $4,50 -
Garden vegetables $3,00 -
Wild mushrooms sauce $4,00 -
Grated cheese $2,00 -
Charlevoix cheeses $5,00 -
Seafood (3 units) $12,00 -
Accompaniments : homemade Ketchup, onion jam, olive tapenade $2,00 -

La Terrasse de la Garde - Pessac-Léognan (Château La Garde)
Aromas of red fruits, blackberries and spices. Despite its concentration, it is soft and well-balanced.
(375 ml) $18.00
Château St-Didier-Parnac - Cahors (Maison Rigal)
This wine seduces by the richness of its aromas and its tannic appearance. Full, spicy and rich. This red is soft and simply delicious.
(375 ml) $25,50
Réserve de Louis Eschenauer - Bordeaux (Grands Chais of France)
A touch of red fruits and blackberries, slighly spicy. Wonderful balance of sourness and soft tannins. A very typical wine of Bordeaux.
Brouilly - Sous les Balloquets (Louis Jadot)
A touch of cherries, raspberries and small red fruits. Tannins are soft, attractive and sophisticated. It offers a nice jammy taste.
Réserve de la Chèvre Noire - Bourgogne Pinot noir (Boisseaux-Estivant)
This red presents a nice scent of red fruits. It offers a good persistence in mouth.
Château Haute-Nauve - St-Émilion Grand Cru (Union de Producteurs de St-Émilion)
Sophisticated, tasty and expressive, it is a great woody and fruity combination of aromas. Vivid, slightly woody.
Woodbridge - Zinfandel (Robert Mondavi)
A smell of cherry, plum and tobacco with subtle spicy aromas.
Dunnigan Hills - Syrah (R.H. Phillips Vineyard)
Fragrance of raspberries, cocoa, licorice and vanilla. In mouth, you recognize the aromas of small red fruits with a touch of vanilla.
Jacob’s Creek - Shiraz, cabernet  $31.00
Vivolo di Sasso - Merlot (Casa Vinicola Botter)
Fine and sophisticated aromas that lead into fruity aromas. Well-balanced, dry and fruity with a pleasant finish in mouth.
(Glass) $6,50
Conte di Lucca - Chianti (Conte di Lucca)
Under its garnet colour, this wine is harmonious, dry, palatable and slightly tannic.
Hoya de Cadenas Reserva - Tempranillo (Vicente Gandia)
A wine with a great complexity, combining fruit and wood flavor. It gives a great and smooth sensation in mouth.
Marquis de Goulaine - Chardonnay (Lacheteau)
Powerful nose releasing floral scents with a touch of citrus and vanilla. It is smooth, fruity and bold with a harmonious finish.
Arthur Metz - Pinot blanc (Grands Chais de France)
This white wine possesses a light nose exuding floral and fruity aromas. It mouth it is soft and offers a delicate texture.
La Sablette - Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur lie (Marcel Martin)
The light nose releases fruity and floral aromas. In mouth it is well-balanced and offers a touch of acidity on the palate.
(375 ml) $16.00
Chablis Les Champs Royaux (William Fèvre)
Straw yellow in colour, this wine presents a light nose exuding accents of apple and heather. This white expresses fruity and mineral aromas.
Vivolo di Sasso - Pinot Bianco (Casa Vinicola Botter)
Pleasant aromas of small white fruits and citrus. This dry, refreshing and fruity white is well-balanced and offers a nice touch of acidity on the palate.
(Glass) $6,50
Château Bellevue La Forêt - Côtes-du-Frontonnais (Château Bellevue la Forêt)
Strawberry pink in colour, this rosé features fruity aromas. This fruity and flavourful wine offers strong scents.
Hoya de Cadenas - Utiel-Requena (Vicente Gandia)
Typical of the bobal, this pink colored wine features aromas of strawberries On the palate it offers a refreshing acidity and a fruity mouth feel.
Smith Woodhouse – 10 year old Tawny  (Smith Woodhouse)
Port of superb balance with a delicate but perfect combination of fruits and hazelnuts.
(Glass) $7.50
Pedneault’s Orchards, Île-aux-Coudres
Green apple Mistelle (80% of green apples, 20%pears) 375 ml
Ice Cider (sparkling wine without alcohol) 375 ml   $15.00
Plums Mistelle 375 ml $18.00
Blueberry Island  750 ml $22.00
Pineau des Charentes $5.25
Kir  $5.75
Bloody Cæsar $5.75
Bloody Mary $5.75
Dry Martini $6.50
Locals $5.25
Imported $5.75
Pitcher of homemade sangria $18.00
Bottero - Casa Vinicola Botter - Italy (white / red)
These delicious and harmonious wines will perfectly accompany your meals

(¼ litre) $8.00

(½ litre) $14.00

(1 litre) $21.00
Auberge de la Rive de Charlevoix